Treating Psoriasis :

Psoriasis is a disease that affects the skin. It’s caused by two different pathogenic moments: the first corresponding to an increased speed multiplication of keratinocytes of the epithelial cells, the second is autoimmune.
Psoriasis is not contagious.
The main symptom is the appearance on the arms, hands, legs and face, dry flakes of whitish, below which the skin is reddened and inflamed. Knees, elbows, scalp are the most affected areas by the annoying phenomenon, which may be accompanied by burning and itching.
Symptoms: Skin thickened, reddened and inflamed, often covered by silvery scales
or whitish
Therapy: Treatment with pharmaceutical creams. Psoriasis is caused by an accelerated replacement of epithelial cells that fail to complete normal maturation processes. Normally skinn replacement take place in fourteen days in psoriasis occur in forty-eight hours.
The treatment, therefore, are aimed primarily at reducing this process that expels prematurely the cell on the surface layer of the epidermis.
Even for psoriasis as for many other diseases, nutrition plays a very important role. Follow the diet can prevent the onset of disease. In addition to drug therapy, it is always useful to follow a correct lifestyle, and correct or prevent certain risk factors, such as obesity. Food is important and patients should avoid red meats, sausages, fat, fried, salt, dairy, sugar, and of course alcohol.
We should take bread, whole wheat pasta, legumes, vegetables, fruit and fish.
Basically a diet anitiossidante: Fibre, Vitamins and minerals.
The foods recommended for people who have psoriasis are all those that contain vitamin A: asparagus, basil, spinach, peppers, carrots, squash, tomatoes, coriander, liver, eggs, butter and fish.
Then all those foods that contain vitamin C: acai, orange, pineapple, watermelon, garlic, avocado, grapefruit, lemon, kiwi, apple, celery, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, mango, blackberries.
Surely foods that contain folic acid, namely: grains, legumes, spinach, oranges, asparagus, lettuce, wheat germ.
So all foods rich in selenium: grapes, peaches, garlic, pumpkin, barley, oats, corn, pistachios, asparagus and spinach.
Do not forget foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids: fish and oysters.
The foods that contain zinc such as: celery, asparagus, figs and sunflower seeds are suggested.
Since psoriasis an inflammatory disease the best treatment, however, is represented by localized treatment with creams or ointments.
In most cases Creams for psoriasis are products that act externally, and to be applied locally, directly on the skin area that needs treatment; constant use of creams for psoriasis can ensure a gradual regression of the disease, and complete healing.

Dermocosmetic fluid cream for sensitive and irritated skin with a tendency to desquamation.

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The STAMIBIO DERM is a cream that acts in depth. It very effective. Inside contents are factors that help stem cells deteriorated to revert to normal. See PubMed Link. These extracts are taken with specific methods from fertilized eggs of Zebrafish . International studies have demonstrated its effectiveness.

Thanks to its unique and specific composition, moisturizes and soothes dry and sensitive skin, with a tendency to epidermal desquamation, as may occur for example with keratosis.

STAMIBIO DERM fluid consistency, non-greasy, easily absorbed, for its antioxidant properties, soothing, protective and nourishing properties, can be used all over the body, in the most sensitive and exposed to redness, flaking, and itching seborrhea, which assists the physiological processes of repair of the skin.

The components of STAMIBIO DERM are:

Roe Extract: differentiation factors obtained from Zebrafish eggs with controlled extraction procedures to maintain all the features of purity, efficacy and safety. They are proteins and nucleic acids: a number of studies have highlighted the properties of support for the metabolism of the epithelial cells, which modulate the natural processes of regenerate skin. This innovative Natural Extract has specific and unique properties of support, rebalancing process of the skin, even in situations of sensitive skin, red and dry, as may occur in cases of keratosis. The constant use of STAMIBIO DERM helps restore hydration, nutrition and elasticity to the skin of the body even of the most reddened and sensitive.

STAMIBIO DERM in addition to differentiation factors of the skin also contains:

Glycyrrhetinic acid:(extracted from licorice Glycyrrizha glabra L.) and Zanthoxylum alatum (abstract): are natural components that help riepitelizzare, calm and soothe the skin more delicate and sensitive, even in case of irritation and redness. They also help to restore comfort and elasticity to the skin.

Vitamin E: Vitamin essential for the well-being of the skin. In STAMIBIO DERM is present in a form that is highly bio-compatible to the skin, expounding an anti-aging and support to its physiological healing processes.
Provitamin D: precursor of vitamin D, it is useful for the protection and support for the regulation and modulation of activity in the physiological regeneration of the skin.

Boswellia serrata:(excerpt): its extract is indicated in cases of redness, exerts an important calming and soothing, helping to give relief and comfort even the most sensitive skin prone to irritation and itching.

Lecithin: plant-derived, with its antioxidant properties, plays a nourishing and beneficial, particularly useful in the treatment of dry skin and sensitive.
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treating psoriasis

treating psoriasis