Top Six beauty tips for dark circles :

Dark circles are those circles under the eyes, they are not a real health problem; more than anything else it is a cosmetic problem. They are, however, some of the indicators of deficiency in our body. Moreover, when we meet someone with the obvious dark circles there is natural to ask how is he.
Here are six tips to prevent this unsightly.

1 – Hydrate. It may seem trivial but dehydration is a major cause of dark circles. Proper intake of acuqa keeps the skin hydrated, swollen and supple. Drink then, but not forgetting to listen to your body. The cliché has it that you have to drink 2 liters of water a day. Depend on physical activity we do, and how much more water we get from the fruit. 2 liters a day may be too much, especially if we force ourselves to drink it.

2 – Take Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a very important element for several bodily functions. Those who tend to eat lots of vegetables have less opportunity to absorb Vitamin B12 which is present mainly in eggs and meat. Again do not forget to listen to our body: eat only meat and eggs is not the solution to our problems.

3 Reduce intake of sodium. The main cause sodium intake is through the salt from the tables. An excess of sodium can lead to water retention, retention which can concentrate in the areas under the eyes. It should be stressed, however, such as sodium is not a salt, but only a part, then the sodium can also be found in other foods. The assumption of a sodium salt may be good advice.

4 – Get enough sleep. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day is essential to prevent dark circles. All the rest of us associate spontaneously to a lack of sleep.

5 – Quit smoking. Smoking can be one of the causes of dark circles because it interacts negatively with Vitamin B12 is important for healthy skin. This can lead to the appearance of blue-green veins and capillaries that often manifastano on the skin and under the eyes.

6 – Use special creams for the eye area. It would be good to choose paraben-free creams and also alcohol free, possibly with organic ingredients.



Dermocosmetic Serum revitalizing and regenerating the skin of the face, particularly suitable for the eye area.

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We’d like to tell you about a dermocosmetic paraben free revitalizing and regenerating serum that has an original composition, virtually unique: it is called StamiBio Serum, indicated for the eye: it acts on puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, giving the skin elasticity and strength properties. The serum is contained in a particular Air Free vacuum dispenser that guarantees the preservation even without preservatives or parabens.
Dermocosmeceutic specific formula with:

Roe Extract
Differentiation factors and growth factors, primarily consisting of proteins of low molecular weight and a small percentage of nucleic acids obtained from embryonated eggs of Zebrafish. Numerous studies have highlighted the remarkable properties in regulating and balancing the regenerative processes of the cells. This exctract has peculiar and unique properties to support the metabolism of skin cells, helping the natural regenerative processes and parts of the skin.

Hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight. It gives the skin resistance properties while maintaining the tonicity and preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Stimulates cellular respiration, activating all the processes that purify the cells themselves.
Hops Extract
It contains many antioxidants that promote normal cellular balance.
Cocoa Extract
Fights free radicals and slows down the aging of cells.
Ginseng and Guarana
Their plant extracts are useful as a revitalizing and invigorating the tired skin, and marked lack of elasticity and tone, helping to restore energy and luminosity.
Lotus extract
contain substances that have antioxidant activity and refreshing the skin.
DNA and RNA-hydrolyzing
Rich compounds of nucleic acids which promote re-epithelialization and have returned action.
Maca extract
It contains substances that promote the revitalization of the skin.
They energizing action on the skin, helping to improve the appearance and brightness.
Complex stain
Reduces skin spots related to aging, sun exposure and pollutants.
Apply morning and evening with a gentle massage around the eyes and face, until completely absorbed.
Without parabens, fragrance, tested for nickel, dermatologically tested.
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Top Six beauty tips for dark circles